Cranberry’s plantation was founded on 26 may in 1985 year in Pinsk. Planting stock was delivered from the United States of American generally. Mach cranberry growing techniques is given by American cranberry growers. At present the JSC "Polesskie Zhurawiny” specialists have a perfect command of it. There are foreign machines complexs for marsh cranberry maintenance and gathering as well as a home machine complex for berry and planting material manufacture, part of them is assembled directly at the enterprise. Cranberry is a berry which have ruddy and maroon color, size 2-2,5 cm. Cranberries contain acids citric, benzoic, quinic and ursolic, vitamin C, sugar and other useful properties for man and that’s why people used them with medicinally aim for a long period. Cranberry’s planting area is 84 h and is constantly developing. We are growing 8 most widespread cranberry varieties “Stivene”, “Mc. Farly”, “Howes”, “Ben-Lear”, “Early Black”, “Piligrim”, “Crowley” and “Franklin”. The greatest yield per hectare amounted to 30 tone of cranberry.

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